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Psalm 51:17-19-Make Zion the place you delight in, repair Jerusalem’s broken-down walls.  Then you’ll get real worship from us, acts of worship small and large, Including all the bulls  they can heave onto your altar! The Message Bible

Today we turn our eyes to the Lord for Help. We desperately need Him. David knew that if the Lord worked deep in His life, fixing broken altars, restoring his joy, raising up new hope in him,delivering him from attacks of his enemies that he would give God great praise. Remember how the Lord gave peace round about to Solomon so the temple could be built? This is our desire today. We all need a break sometimes from the battles and travails around us. We all need a moment when Gods Hands help us raise areas of our lives that have been broken down for too long. I dont know what area needs fixing around you, but we are Jesrusalem and today we ask God to fix us up so we can praise Him the more. Its a moment for faith…can you believe for this? If you can then get set because Heavens repair men are about to pay Jerusalem (you) a visit. Your Nehemiah will appear to you soon and when he does, in record time you will be rebuilt! its a season for restoration. Jump IN!

Knee-mail: Lord i need a break. I need your hand to help me. There are areas that are broken and many other areas cracking (name them). i need your help today. please send me divine repairmen and fix me please. Put me back together. Let my glory spring forth. Do a work in me that will evoke praise to your Name. in jesus Name. Amen.

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Life can be busy rowdy and fast paced. we all need some quiet in our spirits, so we can find what really matters to God and to us. This is what "quiet in the storm" is all about. Our attempt at finding out the things that really matter. Join us.

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